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February 9, 2021

The flexible work schedule is a perk that only a handful of businesses offer to its employees. Many young professionals are willing to accept a lower paycheque in return for some flexibility at the workplace. However, the experiments with the organisation structure and work culture are not the popular style of management.

Managers cannot keep a close eye on the employees because of the different clock-in times. You need to ensure there is no abuse of remote work conditions if the flexible norms permit work from home. But you cannot undermine the benefits when you offer some freedom to the employees in the working hours or workplace.

Here, we will discuss how to promote a flexible work schedule with its benefits for employees and employers.

  • Easy Recruitment Process

Acquiring the best talent available in the industry within the budget is the recruitment process’s ultimate goal. If not with the salary, you can attract the millennial workforce with a flexible schedule. The benefits are more important to them than some extra money.

A flexible working schedule helps them spend more time with friends and family. There is less stress, and the work-life balance is better. Therefore, you will enjoy many applications from some of the industry’s best young talents to outmatch the competitors.

  • Reduced Operational Cost

Your business will spend less on the infrastructure if the employees are working from home. It helps optimise the cash flow and increase the funds for other processes. You can increase the marketing budget to get more profit with the same capital.

However, some businesses have to support their employees if they cannot afford the setup. They provide the required resources to them, such as computers at home. You can take quick loans in Ireland to make sure employees have everything they need.

  • Increased Employee Retention

There is one less reason for the employees to look for another job. Many surveys have revealed increase engagement and morale in employees working with a flexible schedule. They are happier with the current employers and stick around for a long time.

Employee retention is essential for the quality of work and productivity. The profits will rise if you have employees with the inside-out knowledge of the organisation.

  • Increased Productivity

We all have different productive hours that vary from person to person. Some people start their day with the most challenging task in hand, while others save it for the last. A flexible work schedule will work where you can align the job in the most productive hours.

There is no need to cut short the sleep that leaves you drained out throughout the day. It is suitable for your physical and mental health. Expect an increase in the energy levels of the employees when they enter the office.

  • More Attendance Ratio

Many organisations lose hundreds of productive hours each year because of the late clock-ins from the employees. Majority of the times it is the oversleeping or traffic that causes the late arrival at work. With no fixed times there will be fewer late clocks ins and employees can start there day the moment they arrive.

Also, the attendance ratio will increase since employees can execute their plans without taking a day off. Organisations have experienced some significant improvement in this area ever since work from home became an unavoidable measure.

  • Better Work-Life Balance

One significant benefit of a flexible work schedule is an improved work-life balance. It is essential for health, personal relationships, and professional performance. You cannot deny its impact on productivity, quality, and employee retention.

Flexible hours or work from home gives them extra time to spend with the family and friends. The personal life will no longer suffer because of professional commitments. For the employees, it is now an essential factor while deciding the employer.

  • No Commutation Cost

Working remotely save money and time with no need to travel to the office. Employees can use the hours to add some more skills to their resume. The additional hours can also be used to spend some more time with the family.

You don’t have to refuel the car every week while travelling to work. It is a significant cost reduction for the employees that return in more savings. You can use the same amount for some other purpose if the organisation pays for the employee commute.

  • More Time to Learn

Employees save time when they work with flexible hours or remotely. They can save time by avoiding the busy hours for travel. These hours can be best utilised by learning a new skill.

Your current employee upskill strategy will be more effective. They may join some online or offline class and schedule the work based on the lectures. Employees tend to remain with an organisation for a very long time if they feel personal growth.

  • Beneficial for Health

The mental stress is a serious concern in the professionals with all the hustle and bustle. It may lead to conditions such as anxiety and depression. Flexibility reduces excess stress to a great extent.

The work gets more manageable, and there is an increase in work satisfaction. They will not quit the job because of the unnecessary work stress. You are in the business to earn money, but it should never overshadow the need to care about the employees.


To sum up, modern businesses should promote flexible work hours if they feel employees don’t need micromanagement. Also, it depends on the industry and the division of the organisation. The consumer-centric jobs cannot afford the flexible hours as availability on time is critical for them.

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