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January 5, 2021

Water is the essence of all life. What you can see around you are all living because of the presence of water on earth. They are made of it, and it sustains our lives.

Drinking water is one of the essential components of our survival, and we cannot deny its existence in our lives. It is, in fact, used as equipment more than drinking. Drinking, washing, bathing, generating electric power, testing nuclear reactor, etc. are possible with water.

Though we are familiar with its usage and arrangement to execute much work possible, we do not infer to keep it safe from insoluble and tarnished components present in the water. Water is equally important as food for our body; it has to be safe and free from contamination.

The water is required to become clean enough that no insoluble compounds even enter our body. Healthy and safe water can define the state of our body and ensure its safety. Many people live in the areas where it is tough to find clean water due to lack of attention to sanitation.

Some people are confident with tap water while some see it muddy and spend a lot by paying extra for the bottled water.  

Contamination in tap water and how it can resolve

  • Chlorine is used as a disinfectant in the water while treating it to kill waterborne microbes and maintain its hygiene to circulate to the taps of through pipelines. But here are the concerns with this treatment that this process can infer in the making of by-products that can cause cancers.
  • The presence of lead can bring harmful effects on infants and children’s health and can even affect their mental development.
  • The small amount of fluoride can be detected in tap water which is likely not much harmful, but with the excess of fluoride, it can cause tooth decay and multiple health hazards.
  • Bottled water is not always safe for drinking. The modified and filtered version of tap water can still carry microbes and harmful chemical adulteration while in the cleaning process.

The safe and filtered drinking water can be made possible with the use of well-proclaimed water filters at home.

What can be financial substitution?

Cleaning water at personal level could make it safer and suitable for drinking for our kids too. It can prevent us from multiple infections; we often gulp up with drinking contaminated water. You can go for the water treatment steps which have mentioned in the blog.

Or else you can find it more comfortable with the installation of a water filter or a purifier. This will cost you a considerable sum, but here you can get the financial help. There are quick loans in Ireland that can be helpful to complete this water purifying task.


Water is one of those parts of the nature that possible our survival. It is part of who we are, and yet every day, we take it for granted. Nevertheless, here another fact is that our most precious natural resource in under threat like never before.

The water supply and quality are becoming an even bigger issue in the world. In Ireland, some strict steps are to be taken to freshening and cleaning water as nearly the future oil. The water supply in the developed city of Ireland that is Dublin is an operation on a knife-edge.

Dublin’s statistics do not sound like a developed world city, but here half of the water is cleaned and supplied every day, which sounds like a hope with technology. However, due to lack of proper adjustment of technology with water, people are suffering from various sicknesses with using the water.

These things have to be adjusted and accommodated as soon as possible to provide safe and potable water to our children without making any justification. The authorities should take the technical steps to make proper sewage treatment plans, and we all need them now.

Filtering the water at the personal level is not the perfect solution. We have to escalate the water treatment at the primary level of its discourse.

The moral of the story is that you have to have water which is the only requirement.

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