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April 29, 2022

Your home is not limited to providing shelter over your head, and it also reflects your style and taste of your aesthetic. It would be best if you also kept it in good condition because the structure quality of your house is also an essential factor.

Renovation requires a considerable amount of funds. This need for funds gave birth to home improvement loans because not everyone has enough cash to meet this expense. You can get a rough idea of the repayments that you will be required to pay for this mortgage with the help of a home improvement loan calculator in Ireland. 

If you don’t have sufficient funds to move forward with your home remodelling plan, a home improvement loan is the best option.

What are home improvement loans? What are its features and advantages? 

A home improvement loan provides funds for purposes like modification, renovation, and refurbishing your house. 

They more like a home loan. In a home loan, you purchase a house with provided funds, and a home improvement loan affords you money to enhance your own house.

Home improvement loans can be obtained very quickly at flexible terms, which can be used to make your place appealing. The only drawback of these loans is that they are mostly offered at a high rate of interest.

Make sure you calculate the involved repayments in this loan. You can easily do it with the help of a home improvement loan calculator in Ireland. In this technique, you can sufficiently understand the repayment to check your affordability.

There are two types of home renovation loans—unsecured home loans for renovation, secured home improvement loans, personal loans, HELOC (home equity queue of credit), cash-out refinance, equity loans, and credit cards.

Secured home improvement loans

If you opt for secured home improvement loans, you will be required to provide your house as a guarantee or collateral to get funds. The benefit which comes with this loan is that you can avail of a high mortgage amount at a fixed rate of interest with long tenure. 

The interest rate highly depends on your age, location, size of the house, credit ratings, and health condition.

Unsecured home improvement loans

An unsecured home renovation loan doesn’t require any collateral or guarantee. This is riskier for the lender, not the applicant. Therefore, the loan amount is comparatively lower than secured loans. These are offered at a high-interest rate, which you will have to pay back within a short duration. 

The rate of interest levied on the mortgage is majorly decided after looking at your credit score.

Personal loans

Personal loans are similar to unsecured home improvement loans, where you are not required to put your house as a guarantee. Lenders don’t ask for any information about your home when you opt for a personal loan.

Suppose you don’t want to employ your residence as collateral. These loans are delivered founded on your credit score. If someday you fail with your repayments, then your credit report will get a bad hit.

Cash-out refinance

If you opt for the cash-out refinance, you can change the loan terms. You can cash out a part of the equity you have at your house and use it for the remodelling project.

It will help if you go for this option when the interest rates are low.


The funds you receive from a home equity line of credit (HELOC) are the money left after deducting your loan amount from your house value.

You will have to utilise your home as an assurance in this opportunity. This gives you flexibility when you have no idea about the total cost of renovation. It is mostly used for remodelling the basement. 

Home equity loans

It is another form of HELOC presented at a specified rate of interest. It is a good choice of financing if you know the exact cost that’s going to incur in the renovation project. 

Credit cards

A credit card can be helpful in small home upgrades like painting and furnishing. These can also be utilized for surprise home repairs.

Benefits of home improvement loans

Home improvement loans come with several advantages. A few are mentioned below.

Highly flexible

You can use these loans for many purposes like extending, painting, repairs, and much more. But you cannot use these funds for meeting your furnishing expenses.

Loan eligibility

You can apply for home improvement loans jointly as well as individually. 

Loan structures

The loan repayment tenure can be extended up to 15 years. This makes it easier for an applicant to pay back a small amount each month as their monthly repayment.

Fund disbursal

It takes less than 3 days to get fund disbursal in home improvement loans. Once your application is reviewed, you get the required money within a few days.

To conclude

Whether you are planning an extension, remodelling, repair, or other significant changes in your house, home remodelling loans can provide you with financial support to make it a seamless process from start to end. 

A home improvement loan comes in different forms. Make sure you determine the monthly instalments with a home improvement loan calculator in Ireland.

If you apply from a reliable lending platform, you may have such loans at minimal interest rates. For this, you have to do a little research to find out the dependable lender providing flexible terms and conditions. 

There is indeed no doubt that your home reflects your overall personality. Consequently, you require to make convinced that you make it the best one.

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