What are Doorstep Loans & How They Work
February 16, 2022

Nowadays, you can get your loan very quickly at your doorstep. It is a kind of short-term loan, or we can name it an emergency loan. But be alert these loans can be very risky. From this type of loan, you can very quickly get a small amount of money for a short period and with less paperwork.

These loans are called home credit because a lending corporation or firm representative will visit your home. He gives you your loan in cash in your hand. He also comes to you again to collect the repayment and interest according to your loan agreement.

As these loans are provided in cash and repayment is also done in cash, there is no need for a bank account. In some cases, come lender offers you the option for repayment online as per your comfortability. One thing to be taken care of in home-credit loans is the interest rate of these doorstep loans in Dublin are very high and can be the most expensive type of loan one can get.

How does Doorstep Loan work?

As these loans are used in emergencies and are also short-term so, the borrowing limit is less in this, but the interest rate is higher, and the loan term cannot exceed more than one year. Your loan will be given to you in case there are some conditions where it can be transferred to your bank account.

You can generally repay this loan weekly. The collecting agent of the firm will come to your doorstep to collect the repayment. You can also pay the loan through your bank if you want to.

It is mandatory to know that the agent who comes to collect the money as repayment of your loan is not a bailiff. He can only collect the money from you, creating any pressure situation on you and also, he has no right to take any item of your belonging with him.

So, is it safe to borrow money using doorstep loans?

All lenders need to verify and authorize from FCA and CCA. You should also research and verify your lender and his authorization before applying for the loan.

When you apply for the loan and the lender representative comes to your home, always check his identity and only allow him to enter your house. Don’t let anyone enter your house as a loan provider without checking your ID. The doorstep loan provider follows specific rules.

They could not come to your house or get in touch with you unless you applied for the loan. First, you have to contact any loan provider to let them know you need a loan, and then you discuss the loan amount and the loan period you need.

Be careful if someone comes to you and offers you a loan. They are likely to be unauthorized, and if you take your loan from them, they can trap you in some serious situation.

How one can get a Doorstep Loan?

Before you go for a doorstep loan, you should also think about other options for your loan and compare the interest rates and other additional costs. Doorstep loans generally have significantly higher interest rates, so they are the most expensive. 

But they will be the best option when you need your loan in cash. Many of the loan providers provide the option of online transactions like they will transfer your loan amount in your bank account and collect the repayment through your account. Most doorstep loan provider deals only in physical money instead.

Doorstep loan providers may also give you a loan if you are jobless and have a very bad credit score. They will check your income source with your expenses and past credit history. If they find that you can afford your loan amount and repay them on time, they will approve your loan very quickly.

What are the other different ways to borrow rather than doorstep loans?

Doorstep loans can be quite risky sometimes. The expenses in this loan are very high. If you need to borrow a small amount to deal with short-term cash flow problems, there are other options to consider like no credit check loans in Ireland, and many more, such as from:

Your Beloved Friends and family

While it may be difficult to admit to family and friends that you are struggling financially if you ask them, you may find that others can help you.

In most cases, your friends and family will not charge you interest if they lend you money, making it much cheaper to borrow than legal loans. They may also understand you better if you have trouble repaying it, and others may offer money as a gift without expecting anything in return.

If you are taking loan from friends and family members, make sure both groups approve the conditions of the loan, like its time duration and interest rate. Borrowing money from friends and family can create many types of worse situations so prepare your loan agreement by mentioning every term. This can minimize the chance of any conflict between family and friends because of money.

Personal Loans

Doorstep loan providers cannot only provide you with the loan. Many other lenders offer various types of loans like short-term loans, emergency loans, and small amount loans. Your credit score will also not affect your loan process.

This means if you have a bad credit score in this condition, you can get your loan very quickly. But remember, you will be charged at a higher interest rate, and the loan amount depends on your financial situation and your need. One thing will be sure the rates will be lower than the home credit loans.

Credit Card

A credit card is also an option if you need money for a short period of time. The interest rate charged on credit cards is lower than the Doorstep loans. But be aware you have to repay your debts in a month, and you cannot cross your credit limit in any condition.


Are you struggling with your loans? If you cannot repay your loan and are caught in some condition in this situation, take some expert advice. This advice can help you cope with your debts.

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