Blow Away Your Financial Burden with 3-Weeks Financial Plan
April 12, 2024

Prolonged financial management may become a headache and cause uneasiness with the availability of finance. To every other person a loan seems like a last resort to overcome financial challenges, but poor financial conditions may disapprove the applications. So many disapprovals may cause stress and burden, especially for family members.

If you are also going through the same and want to reduce your financial burden faster, you can do it. Right here, you will be provided with an efficient three-week financial plan that will aid in higher financial opportunities and even in getting bad credit loans acceptance.

Three weeks is a very short time, but it can look very long for people with urgent financial conditions. If you require funds urgently, you can search for direct lending options online and apply for bad credit loans. With a general financial plan, various direct lenders provide loans for those with poor credit histories. You will get a scope to edit the plan as per your unique needs to get the maximum benefits out of it.

Let’s explore the three weeks’ financial plans that can help you:

Week-1: Plan

  • Subtly use your salary income.
  • Create segments for different expenses.
  • Clear off all your utility bills before the date to avoid getting hits on your credit score performance.
  • Try to increase your salary income by upscaling yourself. It will not happen all at once, but regular learning will get you to the destination faster.
  • Use your unemployment benefits subtly if you are still not working.
  • Learn beyond time boundaries online and discover new skills if your job status is still unemployed. You can even upscale your current job by exploring online courses related to your field or interest.
  • Use different job platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed to get jobs. You can click “Apply for job” on LinkedIn and create a Post for the job inquiry.
  • Your urgent cash needs can be fulfilled with a loan for a poor credit history.
  • Choose a practical repayment period for yourself based on your payback ability.
  • Also, ask the lender to perform a soft credit check to avoid additional hits on your credit profile. 

That’s enough for the first week! Make sure that you have completed all the points above. Then, you can switch to next week!

Week-2: Plan

  • Start collecting income for your first repayment if you have applied for loans for bad credit.
  • Keep focusing on your skills. Rome was not built in a day, and you cannot learn anything as fast as in a week. Even if you see such ads, you should not believe them. You need time, practice, and follow enough guidelines.
  • If you still need to get a part-time job, you can get freelance projects in your related field as you study for graduation.
  • Earn from freelancing and update your resume.
  • Avoid weekend parties this week, and save the amount for your loan repayment if you have an ongoing loan right now.

Week-3: Plan

  • Stay tuned with your skill development process.
  • Start saving money if you earn from a part-time, freelance, or full-time job. The savings will help repay your loan.
  • If you are unemployed, you should utilize your loan benefits cautiously. Pay your rent and bills, and save for your loan repayment. 
  • Try to crack interviews with reputed organizations.
  • Get a good salary and a stable income with a reputed organization job.
  • Save your weekend party money to repay your loan.

How can a 3-week Financial Plan help you attain your financial goals?

Track your finances:

Tracking your finances is important. If you cannot track your finances, you are unaware of them. This mismanagement is the root cause of your current financial issues. Once you unleash the power of tracking your finances, you will be able to spend subtly and invest appropriately.

After tracking your financial decisions, you can review your growth once you know how your financial decisions are performing. Once you grow financially, you will have more pleasure in managing everything.

A reputed image as a borrower:

A financially managed person will gain a reputed image as a borrower. This is because the fine management of your income will benefit you. For instance, you are suggested to clear all your utility bills before the deadline. Paying your bills on time will have a good impact on you.

Clearing off your repayment on the scheduled day will also provide a borrower advantage. With regular repayments, you can get a long list of loan alternatives, and the right-time payment for a loan will enhance your credibility as a borrower.

Green flag for credit score:

You get a green flag in the credit score category because always paying your instalments on time helps maintain your credit record. When you finalise your loan application, your application undergoes a verification process. Your credit score matters here, so be sure your credit score is in the green category.

Are you not paying your loan on time? Your credibility as a borrower is reduced.

Enhance your saving ability:

With the aforementioned three-week financial plan, you can enhance your saving ability. Savings are essential, especially for urgent financial needs. You can save small if your salary income is low. But you should at least save 20% of your total income if you can do so.

If you are already done with enough savings, you can get insured to cover your medical expenses.

Know when to skip parties:

You will get to know when you should skip parties and how you can use that amount. You already know you should do this, but you may find it the thought of overthinking about finances. You should take your weekend expenses seriously if you need more cash and are already facing financial issues.

Understand how to apply for loans:

You know how to apply for loans according to your financial condition. For example, I mentioned above that you should ask the lender to perform a soft credit check to avoid negative hits on your credit profile.


Apply for a bad credit loan only if you need funds urgently. Avoid spending such an expensive loan on parties or travelling compared to other loan alternatives. Follow the above financial plan if you find it suitable for your unique needs, and make some changes to it if it is helpful for you.

Keep your financial track always and spend subtly. Save more to safeguard yourself from immediate financial challenges and enjoy a stress-free financial life.


Progress in financial goals and improve your credit score with a 3-week financial plan. Get bad credit loan acceptance by applying for bad credit loans.

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