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March 18, 2021

Cash loans are small loans designed to help people who need an immediate injection of cash. No matter how carefully you have spent your money, you may fall short of cash during an emergency.

Even if you have the six-month worth of living expenses in your emergency corpus, it may not be enough to make ends meet when a financial problem crops up out of nowhere.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, you must have wised up to this fact.  Since you may need urgent money at any time, there should be a quick supply of cash to help you tide over. This is why many online lenders provide quick cash loans in Ireland.

However, many people do not realise when they should borrow this money. Since these loans are easily available and aim to help bad credit borrowers, too, many people are using them to fund their everyday needs.

If you are one of them, you are asking for it. These loans have been designed to fund unforeseen expenses when you do not have enough savings.

Fund unexpected expenditure

You may be putting aside a particular portion of your income for a rainy day, but that may not be sufficient.

For instance, you lose your job. Of course, you will dip into your savings, but what if that is not enough to make ends meet. This is a genuine situation when you need money.

Likewise, your tumble dryer is not up and running, and you have found that your savings are not sufficient to have it repaired. It also justifies the need for borrowing money.

Here are some of the situations when you should avoid taking out quick cash loans.

  • You are borrowing money for shopping for clothes, accessories, and the like.
  • You want to buy something with a loan that you can live without.
  • You are borrowing to fund a luxurious lifestyle just because you want to show off to your neighbours and relatives.

Should you use all of your savings?

When you need money to fund an emergency, you will prefer to dip into your savings. You can be caught up in a situation when you will need the whole of your savings to meet your needs.

This raises the question that if that it will be wise to use up the whole of your savings. You may need money again after some time. What would you do if you had already used up your savings outright?

A rule of thumb says that you should let a chink of money in an emergency corpus intact, so you do not have to borrow money next time in case of a financial emergency.

Borrowing money within a short period will leave the impression that you often need a loan, which may lower your credit score.

Once your credit rating goes down, it will whittle down your chances of having a loan signed off at competitive interest rates.

Do you always take out a loan in an emergency?

Although experts suggest that you should borrow money when you need an emergency, it does not mean that you do not need to take stock of your current financial condition.

Remember that the debt payment is on you, and if you fail to do so, you will likely be tied up with a debt spiral.

Before you borrow money, you should identify if you can pay off your debt on time regardless of your needs.

Use an online calculator to know the estimate of the debt cost. Add up all of your monthly expenses, including the debt payment. Now deduct the total amount from your monthly income to see if any money is left.

The actual cost of the loan is generally higher than the estimate because of various factors like your credibility and affordability.

Make sure that you have some money spare, so you do not face difficulty paying off the loan. Although these loans are paid back in a lump sum, you should try to live off a lean budget, especially in that particular month.

It means you will make only essential expenses. Try to get all discretionary expenses off your list. Stop dining out, night club entertainment, and other costs that you can quickly put off. This will help you pay off the debt much more rapidly.

The bottom line

Provident loans in Dublin are easy to get, but make sure that you apply for these loans when there is a financial emergency.

Even though it is urgent to borrow money, you should ensure that you will not have any problem paying the debt.

Take stock of your current financial position before you make a decision.

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