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November 17, 2020

The action of today affects tomorrow, and in financial life, this rule applies quite precisely. The past delayed payments and other flaws in your financial behaviour make the creditors give your negative report. That feedback goes to the credit reference agencies, and they mention a low credit score. Oops! That opens the doors to the nightmare of the money world, and you find it challenging to take a loan, credit cards etc. with a poor credit tag.

Through several ways, you can try to negotiate with the creditors and make them not to mention anything negative in your credit report. What are those ways? Know about them RIGHT HERE –

Simply talk to the creditor

Yes, the first and the easiest way to start your struggle on this part is the conversation. After all, small or big, all financial decisions demand a detailed conversation. You have to talk to the creditors to convince them to attain the ultimate goal –

  • Explain your situation in a short while showing a positive intention to perform well in finances in the future. It can be like – ‘I had an accident and then lost my job and also hold on my personal finances, but now I find and want to get back the control of my finances’.
  • Do not forget that the creditors are never in the mood to hear your story and a short mention of the overall situation is the best thing to do to explain the condition. After the mention of your situation, get silent and let the creditor give you a solution. Sometimes leaving things on the other person gives you faster and relatable solutions.

Never get aggressive during the conversation that makes the deal turn against you. Stay calm; focus on getting a practical solution; after all, something went wrong on your part. It is fair to be subjective about the personal conditions, but rational approach helps more in financial issues.

Describe your debt management efforts

If you have planned to start working on debt management plans, mention it in detail to the creditors. Indeed, they are not interested in listening to your personal life issues and are usually emotionless to them.

If you have something constructive that relates to the payment of pending debts etc. definitely creditors act more patient while listening. When they see their money coming in a few days, they may get convinced to remove the negative report from your credit records.

Many people take the shelter of a debt management plan to manage multiple high-interest short term loans in Ireland they attained. The credit cards can also be covered under the debt management plans. When the finance companies notice that a person is genuine in intentions and wants to pay the debts, they literally consider removing a negative report.                                                                

Consult with a credit counsellor or lawyer to know the technicalities

The complete process of negotiation with the creditors can be annoying besides you may not be aware of how things happen. It is better to take a beforehand idea of the related process and experiences a person goes through.

A credit counsellor and lawyer can help you understand the realities of struggle one needs to do. Also, you get workable suggestions on how to tackle the situation when you feel you are losing the deal.  Such things help a lot and your final destination to get the negative spot removed from your report.

Know about the terminology

The creditors use many financial and legal terms while in a conversation. Are you aware of them?? If not, then know about them as fast as possible. It helps to take the deal to the desired conclusion.

Here are some of the common words from the industry terminology –

  • Consumer credit agreement – An agreement between the creditor and a debtor that describes the terms and conditions of an agreement.
  • Debt forbearance and forgiveness – A term used by the creditor companies that agree to allow the debtor to pay differently to ensure better comfort.  
  • Approved intermediary – A person to support a debtor to apply for a Debt Relief Notice (DRN).
  • Arrears – A payment or debt that is not paid by a person on the due date.
  • Consolidation loan – A loan that contains other pending loans, the debtor pays one instalment.

Many other terms like the above should be there in your knowledge bucket to make the creditor feel that you understand everything.

Sometimes, the finance companies try to intimidate the customers by using complicated financial terms. The person gets confused and fails to get the negative mark removed from the financial records. In fact, in turn, the creditors get a stronger clutch on the person putting him in more stress. The knowledge of the right terminology gives people less or no chance to take the wrong benefit of your ignorance.

The above suggestions show the realities behind the negotiation struggle with the finance companies. It is not a cakewalk to convince the creditors to not to mention a negative report. However, with the right type of information and approach, it is not an impossible task.

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