Various ways to stop yourself from buying new clothes every time
December 21, 2021

Since the COVID pandemic has set in, a lot has changed around. Not only around, but it has also impacted our lifestyle and habits. During the Covid-19, your shopping behaviour has changed in one way or the other. 

Many of you have reduced the trips to the retailers and instead have opted to stay at home and stock up things. Similarly has happened with your wardrobe shopping. 

Also, because of pandemic restrictions, shopping trips and travelling have been interrupted and restricted for a long time now. Once the restrictions eased, people have rushed to shopping. This has also led to an increased purchasing of dresses (clothes). 

Wardrobe shopping habit

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But you need to question yourself if you really need the clothes you are purchasing. And there are different ways you can cut down on the impulsive purchase of clothing, and we have listed down various ways to do so. 

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Ways to save money on clothes

  • Have periodic cleanout

If your wardrobe is full of clothes, then it means you have to find your way through it every morning. It might be counterintuitive, but you cannot make the most of your clothing. 

Often when you have a huge pile of clothes, many get hidden under the pile and never get in your sight. Hence they remain hidden and don’t get used. 

Do a cleanout exercise regularly. Do a regular audit of your clothes to know what you have, and arrange them again so that you know precisely what is kept where. And hence when in need, you can source it without going the whole pile. 

And when you know all you have, for which all occasions or events, you will not feel the impulse to buy new for an event. This will make you calm and content towards your clothes shopping.

  • Play dress-up

Is makeover montage not just for teenager romance? You can tackle your wardrobe by dressing in a good old-fashioned dress, and this will remind you of the various options you have to dress up. 

According to the Pareto principle, 80% of the time, you would wear 20% of your clothes. 

Wearing the same clothes repetitively also affects the life of the cloth. Why stick to a limited set of dresses when you have other options. 

Why not have a dedicated evening when you experiment with different combinations and try out new styles. Try out various combinations such as dresses over jeans or wearing shirts under dresses, scarves as belts etc. You never know that you may find new ways of getting ready by trying out. 

  • Learn from your mistakes

While going through your wardrobe, a good question to ask yourself is, “How many times I can wear it more?” If the answer comes out in single-digit or much lower than other dresses, ask yourself why. See if it is because of the dress’s colour, design, style, or fabric.

Is it because you purchased it for a specific occasion and then didn’t wear it post that. Or you bought in under some impulse but didn’t like the style post purchasing it and hence never wore it again. Or the fad has died. 

This way, you would be able to understand your shopping influence triggers, and you would get to know your weakness. And hence you would be able to resist it rather than getting into the act of quick fix. 

  • Wear and repeat with pride

Never be ashamed or embarrassed to buy the same dress for a different occasion or party. Often you get into the trap of what people would say seeing your dress just because I wore it earlier. 

Clothes are for wearing, and multiple times too. Clothes aren’t disposable items. Why not associate a particular dress with an event of celebration or joy instead of shame. 

  • Rule of 30

There is a rule given by Livia Firth, the founder of sustainability consultancy Eco-Age. The rule of 30 days gives you a benchmark to help you decide whether to buy the cloth or not. 

Just before you buy some piece of cloth, ask yourself, “will I wear this minimum 35 times?” If you get no answer, don’t buy the clothing. This questioning will help you to make the right decisions and stay alert.

  • Opt for #Secondhandfirst

You can go the alternate way for your clothes. Try your hands on second-hand clothes. This can be a gentler approach for you in your shopping. This does not mean going to a charity always. 

You can find various websites that will offer you good second-hand clothes. Buying such clothes is just getting clothes from your friend. 

There are numerous options to buy from. Also, this will give you various options to choose from. You will have good ways to save your money. 


You should save more money on your clothes. Look for various options to make your clothes shopping effective. If you save money on your clothes, you can use the same money for your secure future. 

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