Save for your Christmas presents and enjoy to the fullest
August 21, 2021

Everybody may not enjoy Christmas shopping as it may get expensive, time-consuming, and exhausting. It can be stressful for some, while some may take it as their stress buster. It depends on the income level of the person. 

But, if you love shopping for Christmas, you can start saving money much before the event and have a blissful celebration as you would not be bothered anymore about your budget. 

The blissful Christmas time

Regardless of our income levels and home conditions, Christmas brings us fun and frolic and gets positive vibes along. But along with happiness and good luck, for some, it gets vast bills and expenses too. 

If you save effectively, you can enjoy your Christmas time and have fun with your family and loved ones. 

In Ireland, many people spend a lot on their Christmas shopping and go broke. In this case, they plan to borrow business startup loans to manage their other finances. This should not be the case, as you should spend carefully and tactfully. 

Tips to save money before Christmas

  • Avoid vouchers wherever possible

Gift vouchers are an excellent way to celebrate your Christmas. But in current times, many high brands are facing a rough time. 

If you buy vouchers and do not what presents to buy, it is probably a good decision. But if suddenly, if a retailer refuses to accept these vouchers in case they go bust, it can be complicated for you to get your money back due to these uncertain times. 

Instead of a voucher, you can prefer buying a prepaid gift card for your loved ones and give them the leverage to choose their own gift.

  • Be updated with your insurance policy

Christmas is a time when many people buy expensive presents and gifts for their loved ones. Many burglars are looking out for a chance to get their hands on your expensive gifts. 

Your expensive gifts may include tablets, phones, expensive gadgets, and many other presents. It is advisable to keep your presents in a safe and secured place. Also, put on an intruder alarm so that if anybody tries to break in, you get to know about it and take action. 

Theft may seem an uncommon option, but you should, in any case, save your presents to save yourself from the cost of replacement. Ensure to update your insurance so that it covers the cost of your presents. 

  • Check the discount available on your account 

It is not mandatory to pay the total price of every Christmas present you buy. You have to keep track of any discount available on the gifts that you want to buy. Check with the discounts or any cashback schemes that are available at different stores.

 Some stores offer you good festive discounts that you can avail and take benefit out of it. You can use some schemes in your credit cards, such as Priceless Cities that offers unique programs and offers. 

  • Check your traveling expenses

If you are planning to travel, you can check your ticket prices and other expenses and look for any discounts and offers. You can plan your travel well in advance and save a lot of money on your travel expenses.

 If you are sure that you have to travel during the Christmas period, you can book your transport well in advance and benefit from lower prices. 

These schemes are applicable for trains and planes as their tickets are expensive compared to other means of transport. Also, carry all your essentials while traveling so that you do not have to spend unnecessarily on buying things on the way.  

  • Get a list made by your family

If everybody in your family makes a list of what they want for Christmas, it will be easier to buy as you will get to know everybody’s choice and you can buy it well in advance. You can make your buying plans accordingly. 

This will help you save your time and money and get the best of things for your loved ones. This will eventually stop you from overspending and last-minute purchases. 

  • Set a dedicated day for your Christmas shopping

Many of us are dependent on last-minute shopping and end up overspending on things that we need. It is advisable to find time before and get the things you need for better deals and prices. 

Make use of Sundays and holidays to shop for Christmas and be on a profitable side. But if you wish to start early, you have to be clear about your shopping list and the things that you need. 


It can be difficult for many of us to shop for Christmas instantly. Hence, it is always beneficial to shop beforehand and get the best that you want.

You can start by saving a small amount. It is not necessary to save huge amounts. Save by keeping aside smaller amounts that will end up in more significant amounts at the time when you need.

Be committed to save a regular amount and keep realistic goals. Do not make unrealistic goals and disappoint yourself in the end.

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