Survive With A Bad Credit
October 9, 2020

Escape from poor credit situation cannot occur in a day. It takes a process and many efforts, only after that you get back the peace of mind of a fair and then good credit score. But by that time, can you stop making financial decisions? NO, that is not a practical thing because life keeps moving on and does not wait for anyone.

Several ways can help you survive with bad credit. It is not as difficult as you think –

Embrace self-discipline and start making timely repayments

The first thing that a low credit score person should do is the improvement in financial behaviour. The prime reason for the drop in the rating is the delayed payments.

Apply immediate change on that part; start paying your debts and bills on time. With this practice, it is easier to qualify for financial products such as loans, credit cards, insurance etc. at the time of need.

Do not intensify the threat by maxing out the credit cards

Playing with the fire is a foolish deed, and when it comes to bad credit situation, a credit card is equivalent to fire. The world knows how fast the interest rates increase and how soon they become monstrous.

With already multiple spots in payment record, it is not wise to get into another debt trap. Make balanced use of your credit card and play safe. It is better not to keep many cards, as that can cause more scattered debts.

Always look for cheaper deals on loans for urgent needs

If a situation appears in which you cannot avoid taking a loan, make sure you obtain funds only through a lender that offers cheaper deals. The finance industry is full of options. However, inexpensive deals can be detected only through in-depth research that can tell you where to get a loan in Ireland with bad credit.

Find the lenders that take no upfront fee or any additional cost for your poor credit score. It is unfair if a lending company asks for that. Caution is the best way to borrow money safely.

Stay in the same job

It is always difficult for a poor credit person to find a new job because the employers do not prefer those with derailed financial life. Especially if you are in the finance sector, you can understand the importance of this suggestion.

The better idea is to stay in the job, improve credit score and then switch to the next one. Change the job only if you get a confirmation from the new employer. Make sure you have the acceptance from the management to join the company despite a low credit rating.

Check the credit report regularly and thoroughly

Wrong information in your credit report can create bigger problems. It can degrade your credit score and can even cause job loss. The mention of the default of a loan that you never took can spoil your personal finances. It has happened to many people.

Regularly check your report and pay heed to every detail. If there is any inaccuracy, challenge it through the right platform. The credit reference agencies are the ultimate destination to check the record and also raise such issues.

Do not close multiple accounts it may affect the length of credit history

Sometimes due to ignorance, people close their old accounts, such as credit card, bank account, store card etc. It adversely affects the credit history and also credit score performance. Also, your score may go down.

If in future, you want to avail any financial service, it can be difficult to qualify due to short credit history. Close only one account at a time, especially the one with a negative balance should be closed. But if you think there is no need, don’t go for it.


It is not rocket science to live with bad credit situation. The only need is to keep the caution on what is wrong and what is right. The above ways can help survive and also improve with time to get back the good days. Do not underestimate the importance of small efforts. With the flexible FinTech industry nowadays, you can even avail financial solutions with poor credit. Do not forget to embrace good financial behaviour because that helps make a better future.

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