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February 12, 2021

What is common in Barack Obama’s Election Speech and Martin Luther King’s I were dreamed of speech? The common thing was that the only person was convincing the thousands of crowd, and representing his opinions and views so that the whole crowd was got assimilated to his words.

The result was that Barack Obama became the USA president and Martin Luther King became the prominent face of initiating civil rights movements. The hardest question in the world of the economic and social suburb is to convince the people around.

What kind of convincing terms?

The people engaged in the many sectors of life, including their business, social, personal and metaphysical life, are tense and fighting with the notion. The notion is related to the concerns of influencing the people with your words and thoughts of expression.

Students tend to know about convincing their parents to choose the career they want to go with. Businessman keeps on influencing the financers to make certain investments in their business to reach the maximum height. Salesman focuses on convincing the customers and makes them buy that, though he can use doorstep loans in Ireland.

Here in this blog, we shall accompany those things that are drastically important and play a huge role in manifesting these stimulants’ roles to keep you from attaining the growth.

Herein, we shall mention the secrets used by people in training purposes, speakers, politicians, and advertisers. You shall understand how they influence others so that the others shall run according to them.

Whatever you need to make him do, you can do. By the end of this blog, you will learn the techniques, and later you too can motivate and influence others with your words. With these secrets, you will be getting the idea of taking financial help from external support through direct lending.

The law of 3H

You need to follow the iterations of 3H. You will make others convinced with your words and encourage them to work as per your interest. Having visage with these notions, you will be able to throw your good impressions on others.

With this, you will have conviction and persuasion and can make others understand the related concepts. 

The first H means the Head. We need to check if our words and concepts are reaching to the head of the other person. Any logic, fact or reason is to be passed from our brain through our mouth to the brain of another.

We will understand that with this example:

When you want to visit distant places for 2-3 days or over a week, you have to seek a comfortable space or a room in a hotel. Your search on different websites has different prices for rooms in the same hotel. You get confused with the prevalent tradition of searching off the things.

One day, you see an advertisement mentioning the rooms’ price taken from the different sources of websites, collectively on one website. You can compare the prices and at the end could make yourself with the best room at a low price.

You will absolutely go with the website containing all required things simultaneously on the same platform. In this way, the website is successful in influencing you to with it. A person can see the accommodation with help from loans to your door.

This example suggested that you got more responsible responses from others when you struck the head of the cause and the problem. When you get the idea what the brain demands, you can easily work in that direction.

The second H means Heart. The other tendency to understand the people’s mind can be waved through the heart. When we touch the human with his heart, he is likely to get involved in the words you say and things done by you.   

Let us understand this with an example:

In a hospital, like every building, a suggestion was made against the wall of the staircase. The suggestion was written down to follow it to remain active and healthy forever. The suggestion mentioned in the relation of requesting the people to use stairs instead of escalators. 

As expected, only a few people abided to the suggestion and climbed up the stairs. Many people were still using escalators. The other suggestion was to say that the escalators are meant to install for senior citizens and physically disabled people. The request brought no response.

The hospital team invited some expert to look into the issue to convince the people to use stairs instead of escalators. The experts invented a new formula in the same direction. They planned to install the staircase with a featured element of musical tones.

It was entitled in the way that in any case, the visitors climb up or walking down the stairs, every step will stimulate a sound and one person can play with the musical stair steps while walking alone. They will feel comfort and entertainment. This could convince people to use the stairs.

In this way, the experts’ team analysed the heart’s demand and made people relate their life with fun and live it with health. We all are humans; we need facts, logics, and interest to capture our moods and thus head and heart.

The third H means Hand. Unless we use our hands to experience a thing, the head and heart could not collectively and along play their extreme roles. What if the hands do not work according to the demand of hand and heart? We shall not be able to apply the things as per our concerns.

The heartfelt touch could also be given to personal ambitions with loans like provident


The simple concept is that your words need to touch the head of others with facts, reasons, and logics; others’ interest can be captured. The second thing is to connect the heart to have an emotional connection. This provides ease, satisfaction and a state of mind inducing with pleasure.

Then we need to work with the actions that can be only possible with our hands’ help. Once you convince the others, you can make them draw the results of your dream.

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