8 Tips for the Students to Save Money with the Living Arrangement
June 23, 2021

A student’s life is great as you have the time and energy to enjoy the outside world along with your studies. However, the expenses may soon outrun the income if the spending is not controlled. A significant expense where significant money can be saved is the housing arrangement during college.

Your choices with the living system will have a notable result on your finances. Some smart decisions can the fund from your student loan to ease the repayment. Moreover, the savings can help you manage the other expenses to live a healthy lifestyle during the higher education phase.

Here are some tips to save money on living arrangements during your years in college.

Find a Housemate 

It is common advice to find a housemate to save money on the living arrangement. The rent and bills will get bestowed to decrease the financial anxiety on an individual. Moreover, roommates may support each other during the tough phases.

Instead of one, you should look for multiple roommates to save more MoneyMoney on shared expenses. Many websites are available to find a suitable roommate for people based on their requirements. You can meet some great companions and lifelong friends while sharing the apartment with them. 

Find Mistakes in House

You should examine the home wholly before going in. There is no end to serious faults in a house that includes dampness, structural damage, and electrical problems. The faults and damages may ruin the stay with constant repairs. 

Nevertheless, any minor errors may come as a chance to reduce the rent. If you can live with those imperfections, address them with the broker or owner. They should consider a lower price if the reduction and problem are reasonable.

Ask for Reduced Rent During Summer

You and your mates may return home during the summer breaks leaving the house empty. It makes less sense to pay the complete rent during the summer vacation. Therefore, you can ask the landlords to reduce the rent. 

The landowner may consent to lessen the rent to half during the season break. They can also rent the place to Airbnb during the breaks with a shorter contract with you. It will help them earn more during the breaks instead of losing the rent money.

You can use the money saved from rent to improve the budget for the holiday. It is not easy for students to save enough MoneyMoney for a vacation in a different country. If you want, you can contact a direct lender to get loans in Ireland for the unemployed. 

Add a Break Clause

The pandemic forced the students to leave their apartments to return to the house. The classes were conducted online because of the lockdown. Still, the landlords were asking for rent because of the tenancy agreement. 

You can ask the lenders to add a break clause in the agreement for the early cancellation. The clause will require tenants to provide notice before leaving. The landlords may refuse to add the break clause, and you can only try to convince them with no legal backing. 

Fix the Flaws

As mentioned above, it is okay to live in an apartment with minor flaws. You can use them in the negotiation to reduce the rent. They may reduce the security amount if you are offering to fix the flaws yourself.

You can use the weekends for a DIY project to fix some minor wiring or structural damage. Make sure you have the right tools for the task with enough knowledge to avoid a serious accident. Contact a direct lender for instant cash loans for the unemployed in Ireland if the situation gets out of control. 

Go for Semi-Furnished Place

Fully furnished apartments are expensive because of the long list of appliances, furniture, and amenities. The landlord will try to return their investment with the rent regardless of their use by tenants. Therefore, you should avoid furnished apartments if they are filled with unnecessary stuff.

The semi-furnished is the ideal choice for students as they have the essential furniture and appliances. If possible, take an unfurnished property to bring the required items from the house with a van or truck. A minor inconvenience with the cleaning or entertainment will save considerable MoneyMoney at the end of the semester. 

Pay Bill Separately

The landlords may offer a deal where the utility bills are included in the rent. At first, it may seem a great offer with limitless use of water, electricity, and other services. However, the fine print of the agreement may cause serious limitations with the usage.

The fair usage policy of landlords limits the consumption of the utilities included in the rent. Moreover, you cannot reduce the overall bill with less consumption in the combined agreement. Thus, you should pay the bills separately from the rent to save MoneyMoney in the long run. 

Find House Away from University 

Houses near universities and colleges are expensive because of their demand. The charge of living is also high because of the increased cost from the regional markets. You can choose to live at a location far enough from the university to get a lower price with a manageable daily commute.


In the end, living arrangement is a significant decision with an impact on several other expenses. You should explore the neighborhood to find the best price for apartments. Also, consider the other aspects such as travel cost, food, and nearby services alongside to make the right decision.

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